Lead generator

Automatically start an interaction with your target customers

Grow your customer base, by actively searching for target customers and automatically starting a personalized interaction with them, all of this outside of your owned channels.


We do this with an intelligent bot that is constantly searching on the internet for target customers and automatically starts an appropriate and individual conversation with them, much like cold callers in the past.


Our models accommodate data collected from online discussions. 

We analyze the collected conversations with natural language processing to determine demographics and we check for matching inhouse content.

If we have content that matches the discussion, our bot will automatically deliver the content element with the goal of building up trust and bringing the user to the company website. 

Our topic generator answers questions like:  

  • What are the discussions that are going on online around a certain topic?
  • What segments are interested in a certain topic?
  • What channels can I use to attract customers other than common social media channels and performance marketing?