Marketing Mix Optimizer

Optimize your spend 

Solving the age-old question of “how can I best invest my budget?” has never been more crucial or more complex. With thousands of dollars on the line and consumers shopping across platforms and media channels, Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) gives marketers the confidence they are making the right investment decision.


Our Marketing Mix Optimizer uses advanced measurement techniques that deconstruct and quantify the performance of each element of the marketing mix. 

We address the whole customer journey at a deeper, more granular level. 

Because our model is more intelligent it can not only tell you what happened but also lend insights into what you need to do next. 

The result? Insights that will increase your sales, market share, and business results.


Our models accommodate all forms of online marketing activity and deliver holistic results that go beyond channels to a campaign, we calculate the influence of external factors and even show on a segment level the best budget to channel attribution. 

For brands that need continuous feedback, our Models provide live insights.

Our marketing mix optimizer answers questions like:  

  • How do non-marketing factors like competitive data and weather impact my ROI?
  • How can I optimize my marketing mix?
  • What is the incremental impact of my marketing activities on baseline sales?
  • Should I invest in new upcoming online marketing channels such as Instagram, Tik Tok, etc.