Know your customer 

Meloncast autonomously transforms customer data into actionable insights that power personalized customer communications, at scale.

Unified, Actionable Customer Data

The key to modern marketing is the ability to thoroughly understand customers, what makes each one unique and what drives their behavior. Collecting and analyzing data to derive insights from data are key elements to excel at marketing.  

Leverage more intelligent ways to find customers and talk to them on an individual level. Analytical calculations and predictive-models enable better customer understanding, smarter customer segmentation, and servicing, and finally greater return on marketing spend.

Get new customers 

Grow your customer base, by actively searching for target customers and automatically starting a personalized interaction with them. We do this with an intelligent bot that is constantly searching on the internet for target customers and automatically starts an appropriate and individual conversation with them, much like cold callers in the past.

Know where and how to reach your customer best 

Make your customers happy, by delivering relevant, real-time customer-centered and personalized content. Because every customer uses different channels and consumes different content, our engine crawls through the hot topics on the internet and checks what content is relevant for a specific target group.