Meet our team:

Our software is designed to enable any marketer to quickly become a productive master of acquisition and personalized marketing. To ensure that all our clients are successful, we work very closely with our customers. 

Sven Boesiger

CEO and Data Scientist

Sven is the data scientist here at Meloncast. He works day and night to make sure our AI technology is constantly the most innovative in the industry. He helped big corporates get their data on track and is now building the best algorithms to help your business. 

Raphaela Kurer

Co-Founder and CMO

Raphaela is the Marketing Expert here at Meloncast. She brings all the important sector knowledge to make sure that Meloncast is building a solution that truly helps marketers. 

Raphaela was the CMO at Creadi AG, the insurtech startup by Pax life insurance. 

Robert Pupel


Robert is our development genius, he is leading our near-shore development team while making sure that our solution is fast and super secure. Before he worked as a full-stack software engineer @ SIX 

Jan Fülscher 


Jan is a Business development coach and a Startup mentor. In his role, he helps get our business on track to success. Furthermore, he's the Co-founder of and former managing director of Business Angels Switzerland.

Tom Röthlisberger 


Tom Röthlisberger is a expert in the conception and development of technology-based marketing. Through his international leadership experience with distributed teams, Tom is able to create solutions that connect technology, organization and people in equal measure. In his co-founded company, the Digital Innovation Lab, he serves as Resident CTO, Advisor and Speaker.

Matthias Frieden


Matthias is the CPO & Co-Founder at Houzy. He's also the Chairman of the Board at Creadi AG. Since 2012 he's deal leader and coach of business angel group at go beyond investing and was deal leader and mentor to the startup Movu.