We’re looking for creative innovators who share our passion for AI and technology. Makers who love to build stuff with their own hands and who challenge the status quo as much as we do. We’re all about creative, self-starting leaders who are excited by the thought of changing an entire industry for the better.

Open positions


Chief-Technology-Officer (CTO)

We’re looking for a passionate, talented, and inventive CTO who is looking for the next true growth opportunity, professionally as well as personally. This is a valuable opportunity to play a significant role in building a system that will go global. A passion for data science, craftsmanship, and entrepreneurial spirit is a must.

If you are a creative innovator who shares our passion for AI and technology, a Maker who loves to build stuff with his/her own hands and who challenges the status quo as much as we do, you should apply!

Meloncast is an equal opportunity employer.

Position Responsibilities:  

The CTO is in charge of technology within the organization, he/she has the Technical leadership. The person must be a skilled developer with strong expertise in programming, software architecture design and should preferably have experience in building highly scalable SaaS platforms. Especially in the early stages, he/she does lots of coding and checks the code written by other developers on the team.

  • Design and implement a software architecture
  • Select a technology stack
  • Decide to build or buy a solution
  • Design and implement a database design
  • Improve and optimize the application architecture
  • Ensure scalability of the application
  • Explore new technologies and decide whether to implement them
  • Work efficiently with the Lead Data scientist and the CPO
  • Build an agile development culture
  • Conduct code reviews
  • Break down development tasks
  • Supervise hiring of developers
  • Mentor newly hired developers
  • Communicate with stakeholders
  • Determine KPIs of developers

Compensation: Revenue-based & Equity

Interested? Send your application to jobs@meloncast.com


Meloncast is a Zurich based Marketing Tech startup. We have created a platform that enables marketers to deliver great content.

By joining us you will be working on a product that has the potential to really transform content marketing for our customers.

In Marketing at Meloncast, you will work in a cross-functional team made up of a UI/UX designer, and a CMO. We have an ambitious goal of winning the global market and we believe that our team can build a product our customers love and use, time and time again.

About the Role

We are seeking a Digital Marketing Assistant to support the growth of our brand and acquisition channels. The role is responsible for supporting a wide variety of marketing activities ranging from writing blogs, sending newsletters, marketing controlling as well as customer research. You'll play an exciting role in shaping the future direction of the marketing strategy at Meloncast.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Support end to end digital marketing strategy
  • Manage the Newsletters to different stakeholders
  • Support with customer acquisition
  • Support the creation and management of ads, while managing the creative process with design and content
  • Play a key role in executing testing of creatives, landing pages, copy, etc. and be confident interpreting, analyzing, and documenting results

    What we are looking for:
  • Strong, proactive team player with excellent communication skills.
  • Confident and ambitious individual with a strong determination to succeed.
  • Interest in working in a fast-growing startup.
  • We don't care whether you're still at Uni or have learned marketing skills through your own Blog.

In Return

We offer the opportunity to grow our product and business together. We are only just getting started and believe there is a better way for our customers.

Compensation: Revenue-based & Equity

Interested? Send your application to jobs@meloncast.com


We’re looking for a Fullstack Developer to build our saas-platform. If you’re experienced in the entire development life cycle of saas-projects and love making an impact through code, you’ve come to the right place.  

You will spearhead the product and technology development culture with the other developers as well as strategizing about key aspects of the business. You'll be ensuring that all projects are built to meet performance, security, and functional requirements. 

In this role, you’ll be working closely with our Data Scientist to build our entire data infrastructure and saas-platform from scratch. This is a valuable opportunity to play a significant role in building a system that will go global. A passion for code craftsmanship and experience in automation are musts.

We're looking for engineers who bring fresh ideas from all areas, including information retrieval, security, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and UI design; the list goes on. We need our engineers to be versatile, display leadership qualities and be enthusiastic to take on new problems across the full-stack as we continue to push technology forward.

With your technical expertise, you will manage project priorities, deadlines, and deliverables. You will design, develop, test, deploy, maintain, and enhance software solutions.

Expect to stay informed and be ready to discuss and debate the latest developments in the martech industry in order to be a champion of innovation for our clients.  


  • Entrepreneurial mindset
  • Proficient in agile working methods
  • Command and understanding of service-oriented application development techniques
  • Able to take the role of a leader and a developer if needed
  • Knowledge and experience implementing data security and protection policies
  • Impeccable communication skills to manage relationships with clients and startup mentors

Appreciated but not required:  

  • Startup experience
  • Data science / machine learning experience
  • 3 to 5 years in a professional work environment

Compensation: Revenue-based & Equity

Interested? Send your application to jobs@meloncast.com

Meloncast is an early-stage startup in the field of Martech. We're a passionate team of five, and we all have the goal to change how Content Marketing is done. This is a hot topic, as worldwide over 400 Billion USD is spent on Content Marketing.  

With us you will join an exceptionally committed team that has loads of fun. Working @Meloncast means lots of room to take ownership, continuous learning (not just technically) and the joy of seeing the results of your work being used by "real" people. 

This is your opportunity to rapidly grow, professionally and personally.  

What you can expect 

 We despise corporate politics, emails, and neverending meetings. Macs are our weapons of choice, Slack is our mode of communication, and we put our trust in the cloud.

We work hard, and focus harder.  

We’re obsessed with prioritization, getting shit done, and agility.  

We focus on building incredible stuff at record-breaking speeds, while turning content marketing into something enjoyable. 

Maker At Heart, But Don’t See A Role That Fits? We’d love to hear from you! We’re looking for natural-born innovators who live and breathe tech and question everything.

Send your application to: jobs@meloncast.com

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