Marketing is impossible without great content.

Get data-driven insights into what content your target audience craves and on what channels they want to consume it.

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Save up to 20% on customer acquisition costs.

Ever wondered what topics are most relevant to your target customer? With the help of AI we determine where, how, when and with what content you can reach your target customer.  

Get more of the customers you want. 

Why should you even think about content marketing? The most important benefit is reaching the right audience in the right place to generate quality traffic. This is instead of spending money attracting traffic from people who are unlikely to ever convert.


What Content is valuable and relevant to your target audience?


When is the best moment to share your content with your audience?


Which are the relevant channels your users want to consume your content?

Talk is sweet. Proof is sweeter.

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Meloncast gives you truly actionable insights.

The best content you'll ever produce
  • Get relevant topics per target group
  • Know the channels your customers are using to discuss a specific topic
  • Get possible titles that work well with specific target groups
  • Know the right moment to talk about a certain topic to a target group 
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Why you should get Meloncast today: 


Meloncast collects anonymized data from different online sources such as news APIs and social media, evaluates the socio-economic background of the different groups and tells you exactly what your target customers are interested in right now.  

This way we ensure that you attract only the customer types who drive revenue. 


  • What is my target group interested in?
  • On what channels is my target group getting information on certain topics
  • What should be the title of my next blog post?
  • How do I get a certain group of people to my website?